Cosabella Bella

by cosabella pr on 09.25.2012

The news is out on’s annual Undies Award for the leading intimates in e-commerce.

Cosabella takes home two awards for 2012. The Dolce LR Bikini and the Soire LR Thong have each won the special “Select” award for 2012. These items are...

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by cosabella pr on 09.10.2012

After months of anticipation The Tube ™ has finally hit the shelves. The Tube ™ is a supple and cozy item that can be morphed in a myriad of ways. The functionality of The Tube ™ is just a matter of one’s own imagination. This special item is made in Italy out of a cashmere blend which makes...

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by cosabella pr on 08.29.2012

Introducing the Sauve Tube 1 Piece with 14 Styles

The Tube, it’s a rather unusual name for a garment, but this piece is anything but conventional. This supple and cozy item can be morphed in a myriad of...

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