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by cosabella pr on 10.02.2013

On Saturday September 21st Cosabella’s home town of Carpi celebrated their “white night”. Thousands of people gathered in Carpi’s square for an evening filled with shopping, dining, live music and a Cosabella Spring 2014 Fashion show.

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by cosabella pr on 09.16.2013

New York Fashion Week has come to a close and London Fashion week is now in full swing what is the number one must have for every model walking the runway?

A nude thong of course! And as we know the term nude doesn’t always mean...

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by cosabella pr on 09.09.2013

Chic favorites from the fashionista who knows us best.

Elise Granjot, Senior Desinger Cosabella


Trenta Thong:

I love this thong! It...

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